Modern Kids are Programmed Robots

“Modern kids are programmed robots”, this annoying thought has stuck in my brain since long, looking at the current trends in the education system. I would even further go to say that I completely reject Western World Approach to Learning. Which has resulted in kids being bombarded with knowledge that is too much at time at their young age.

We find kids and parents more stressful due to Modern design of course curriculum in schools. The schools always used to be 9 AM to 12 PM in my times, followed by some homework. Now a days School activity would stretch through entire day. Even Parents involvement has increased with the Modern trend of “Extra-Curricular Projects”. Kids are always on computers and tablets. I see kids running in various classes one after another after schools. Parents wants their kids to excel in all. That’s dimension worth noting which has led to this ecosystem of Modern Learning. Modern School would boast about their curriculum, which would include kids being engaged on weekends and after school hours in additional activities like Learning New Languages, Dance, Sports, Arts, Science Projects & many more. In turn Parents would also boast about such a curriculum in social gathering, as symbol of social status. Some reading this may think, “Dude! Why you complaining? Human Race has to evolve and have to advance at each step. We see kids inventing things that even amaze SME in the fields. Would that have been possible if we would have stuck to old learning techniques?” I partly would be in agreement with such critics. But are we only alive and evolving to be a Data Base of Knowledge, like Arnold “Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator”. Are we here in this world just to know everything and get answer in “Yes” or “No”? Or we are can also say “Let it Be”.

My push back to the current system is we are not allowing children to development Physical and Social capabilities. We are isolating children from being social. We are not focusing on what values today kids are developing. We are not teaching them to value life. Kids are suffering depression due to constant need to compete and excel at everything.

We really need to relook at the entire education system. Our Ancient Indian and also other Eastern System of Learning were most Ideal. Where more emphasis was given to development of values and later comes knowledge. In initial years of kids, they should only be focusing on Physical development and Development of values, where basic values are taught and other majority of learning would involve wellbeing and sports or any other physical development activities. This would ensure people choose right careers, as they have been leaning about self-first contrary to current system. We see lots of people changing careers after spending a considerable amount of time in their current jobs. We see people unhappy about their career choice, as they later on came to know their true abilities and competencies.

We are living in times where people are getting isolated from families and friends, we are seeing erosion in social values. Our Social thinking is becoming more and more binary, were being different would mean isolation and heavy criticism. Best example is social media where people are more interested in fighting for petty things than real social crisis. I may have gone a bit far from the topic at hand. But I wanted to connect the reasons for current situation in society and the way forward, if we do not keep check of Values what our kids are learning. We need our Schools to teach “Tolerance”, “Acceptance” , “Loving” & , “Caring” as essence of their curricula. All learning can rotate around this so that we may not end becoming “Robots”.

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