“Deja Vu” is a phenomenon which needs very less explanation, as it is commonly observed by all, occurrence may differ from person to person. This is very subjective to each person, as there may be various experiences which a person may have. But the most common of all is we seem to know exactly what next is to happen or sort of thing, just like what happens to central character of “The Final Destination”. At time we know exact sequence of events leading to an outcome, sometimes sequence of events  may happen as what we have experienced in Deja Vu, but the outcome may vary as experienced. We do not know why this happens. We do not have a scientific justification which may give us an outline or a wage justification for such experiences. There are lots of Theories but,  fail to give a proper reason. There has be a reason behind any phenomenon, Science is in its infancy, and what understanding we have is a brief outline of actual reason or cause behind such events.

Our current understanding of human “Mind” is limited, we don’t know why we have such experiences like Deja Vu, Dreams, etc. Psychology as a stream is constantly evolving and learning.  But to me real boast to understanding will come when various philosophies and streams of knowledge will collaborate and  learn from each other. We will not be able to see the complete picture unless we break down this development done in silos by each stream of knowledge. I have always believed, there has to be a point when everything was in singularity and will in due course of time end up in singularity. Thus I believe we are a part of a collective consciousness, and any answer should be looked from a collaborative research as this collective consciousness includes all knowledge, so all research has to be approached through collective decoding of all streams of knowledge. Which may lead to us to most important Question of all “What is the purpose of existence?”

The recent development in the filed of Nano Particle has lead to fascinating revelation to mankind. It has completely changed the perception and perspective we had towards the world. It has shaken the pillars of Science, as Laws which we considered constant and applicable to our world does not stand its ground in this Nano World. This will change our world in a drastic way, in such a way we cannot imagine. Lots of research work is going on to understand this Nano world, i.e. Hadron Collider is the biggest experiment launched  in the history of mankind to study this Nano World. To come to my point we need to understand any phenomenon, we need to derive correlations from other stream of knowledge.

If we break down systemically we may start as, “We are made of various combinations of matters and this matters are made of  molecules and Yes! this Molecules are made up of nano particles, as per our current understanding”. I am no expert on the Topic, but this basic understanding of the science would make me think, our bodies and  functions of bodies may be better understood through Quantum Physics and Mechanics. As everything is made up of this nano particles, the laws which drive their behaviors would very well govern our functions of brain and rest of body.

Double Slit Experiment 

This is one the most important experiment done which gave us way to Quantum world. If you are not aware you may get a clear understanding in link as follows , by PBS Space Time very well summarised even for general audience. What this experiment has given way , is a Theory of the Wave Function, which proposes that every matter in its own filed is in form of wave. Thus same results we find when a photon or electron is fired through the a Double Slit either together in many numbers or one by one we tend to see similar interference pattern as when observed with water. This particle takes a specific position on the board after going through that slit, but how it decides to take that position as it is completely unaware of the position of other particles that have been fired prior or to come. This particles would travel through both the slits in a form of wave and this wave would determine most likely positions of the particle. Thus this experiment suggests that This Wave has all the information of possible path of trajectory and final position of the particle and it decides by  interacting through multiple histories of the particle’s various possible trajectories and locations on the board. Its like, This Wave predicts every possibilities for the particle’s travel to its final position also keeping calculations of the future particles to come. This is Insane!!! What its suggest that various possibilities/histories  interact with each other and somehow choose the final outcome. 

How this is related to Deja Vu?

When we are experiencing Deja Vu we are in a The Super Position just like the particle which is before it is fired. We see all the possibilities or sequence of things which we feel have happened before, as if we are reliving the same things again, but many a times the outcomes we may experienced in Deja Vu is different. I know the relation is complicated but I see this as a direct connection. This may be our multiple histories interacting with other and choosing the best possibilities for us. When I first thought about it, I felt I was stupid  to think like this, I am not expert on this Quantum Mechanics thing. But when I put a deep thought to it, I saw it’s more related. Just think about our existence in a Multi World with each possibility of each kind of me existing simultaneously interacting with each other and choosing randomly my position to be. Its hard to comprehend such a thought. Many more functions of our day today life, emotions, choices we make be driven by such laws of Quantum World. 

This article does not suggest that I am an expert on this, open to your comments and suggestion to this. Kindly leave a comment below. If your have like it kindly follow my blog. Peace !







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