Men Are Designed To Do Good !

Often we have seen in many discussions, that men is a symbol of imperfection. We are happy to accept that we are flawed and its a human thing to make mistakes and engage in wrong choices. Why we say such things ? Why we have agreed to such a belief system which portrays mankind as flawed? Are we really flawed? Who taught us that?

I completely reject such notions. To me, Men are an exquisite creation of GOD. We are made in HIS IMAGE! And HIS IMAGE can’t be flawed. I am not preaching here. But if we study how we as humans behave and study how we develop our belief systems, we will understand it is our wrong perceptions and wrong projections of society, which has led to all the flaws in us. We see in today’s world so much hate, anger, intolerance for any opinion which is not main stream, we see degenerative trend in human relations and increase in hideous crimes committed either which are politically motivated or driving by human anxieties or a model of the world which is justifying crimes. This are all products of our social trends. We are displaced and pushed in silos by our modern technology. Isolation has led to many modern day issues with our social psychology. We are not reaching out to people who are in need of help in society, we care less about others concerns, we can easily share food with the hungry, help people who do not have home, share water where people need them, we do not engage in selfless services as much we would want and this list of things would go on, my point is we are designed to do all this we are not doing. That has resulted in systematic disintegration of Human Values. We see lots of problems with society which  did not exist 100 years back.

Men Are Designed to Do Good !

We do not know what is wrong, right, good, bad, ugly, difference between men or women, animals or birds, we do not know any thing when we are born. We are like and empty hard drive, and OS of Basic instincts which helps us to survive. As we grow in age in our family till age of say 6 to 9 we are still detached from the outside world. If we study this kids we would be amazed how they would behave if they are put in a situation where they need to act based on what they see, feel, hear and through other senses. The kid would act not based on the various perception or the belief system of the world, but but on the OS of values which is pre-installed in us. Which is always at work in us till the day we die. Kids would “Love” unconditionally without any bias at work, “Share” without judging, “Help” with out thinking of consequence and many more actions we can see which are based on only one principle “Value Life”. Another important thing they display is how they “Trust” people to every word they say. Which displays our innate value of doing right and live with integrity. This is so important for peaceful life, we see majority of the problem in the society due to lack of  this values, “Trust” and “Integrity”. This has resulted in all the boundaries and distinction in society, we are so scared of being looted, being fooled by people, we just life behind our closed doors. Not ready to share, help, love  – nothing more then and occasional “Hi”and “Bye”. We need to change and just live up to the values we are born with. When we do not live to this values we always have a feedback instantly, we call this as inner voice/consciousness, which does a real time comparison with the values with which we are born. A proof of mechanism of doing GOOD. We need to listen to it and act accordingly.

A Story of Survival Psychology and Next Evolution of Humans

Some people would also have a opinion that this is Psychology of Living Beings, we weed out the weak and only the fit will survive. But I would say we have shed our skin of primitive ways. We all have evolved from this state. We have advanced technologies and science which can be used to give equal chance to all for survival and change this primitive instincts. We have plenty resource for our survival. So Why are we still behaving in this ways? I see this as a stage where we are on verge of new social evolution which help us realize this fact of contentment. With wide spread development in education system and technology, we would see people realize this in coming times.

Impact on society – By Not Living to Values we are Born with.

We see so much pain and extreme philosophies at work this days in society, we sometimes are forced to believe we are doomed. We tend to push people  in corner and label them. This people have not option but to push back, which may be in sometimes ways which may shatter our values. We all are responsible for pain and suffering which we see in this world today. We teach our children to be as vengeful as we are. We override our kids values and fill them up with the values of “The New Hostile World”. If we need change we need to protect  our new generation from all beliefs which we see in our society today.

Be like a KIDS !

Live like KIDS ! Live to our values ! We do not need to live behind boundaries and silos. We are designed to do good and value life. World can be very beautiful place to live in. We need to teach our new generation to live a life of contentment. We are not designed to be bad. We are a perfect creation, we need to just “Trust in our self”.



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