What If There Are No Manager In Office?

I would jump with joy! Ohh Yes I would jump with Joy! Nobody like to be supervised or being always judged at the end of the year. Even the Companies highest archivers would not like to be judged. For any person to grow he has to climb up the ladder and ends up managing and doing things which that person has hated his entire career. This design of modern work culture is the only reason for stress and anxieties people face in their jobs.

There are lot of companies who are coming up with innovative ways of working. But this change is very limited to small scale and is slow. I would go ahead and say that each individual has a desire to grow and learn and be expert in their field. If you do not tell and supervise than majority of the people would do their job 100%. All come to do work and perform that is how we are programmed in our psychology, to do what is right, that our inbuilt principle. We need to trust people with their integrity. They would be driven by this principle and would sure be doing as per their job description. By giving freedom and trusting people will make them accountable for their roles and jobs. This will also bring ownership of the job. Making need of supervision very negligible.

Eliminate Managers

This may seem as crazy idea, but this will help make your work force much happier and perform at their optimal. Manager bring more chaos then organised structure. Majority of the manager tend to make majority of the work force unhappy and disengaged. They tend to focus  on the High Pots and High Performers which may be very small population of the work force. Yes! we all know they would miraculously change the organization. But they don’t, your majority of the work force is enough to achieve organizational target. Mangers always keep comparing people with their high performers and high potential talents. This makes other people in work force disengaged, than motivated to become The Stars, because all do not have those combinations of the skills. But this people have required skills to do the job which would definitely help organization achieve targets. Eliminating manager would help  majority of your work force to find the best way of doing a job and would also increase collaboration and cohesiveness. No dirty politics, you don’t have to be on good or bad side of anyone. Just do you job. Achieve.

Mentors Instead of Managers

Both the word’s meaning is so drastically different and it is  important to understand the difference. Mentor are the need of the hour. Having mentors would help your people be very comfortable in sharing and would be open to learn from them. They would promote a culture of learning. People would be open to learn and the bonding would be much more healthier, as they are not involved in any type of appraisals or any performance evaluation work, they just here to guide and share learnings. Mentors are free from any insecurities, unlike managers who are more worried in sharing knowledge, as they don’t want to be out smarted. This makes work place stress free and will be filled with positivity. This will help people to be able to perform at their optimal. If your majority of work force is working at their optimal we may no longer need identify those high pots and high performers. We can still identify them and make them our future mentors.

Manager or Mentors ? We need to relook at our practices !

2 thoughts on “What If There Are No Manager In Office?

    1. Agreed by this approach we can elivate the culture and also enhance people motivation and attachment to organization. And we will have self motivated, accountable and skilled workforce. Supervision is hinderence that is my thought.


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