Is Our Mind A Time Traveller ?

This seems to be an odd statement. But there are a lot of mysteries, which we are unable to understand about our brain. With recent advances in science, we have been able to uncover a lot of functions, which we did not understand, how they are processed in our brain. Below are some of the recent developments which has changed our basics :

The question, How is Consciousness generated, is so complex and mind-bending, we do not know how to even begin to search for answers for. A very recent study done by a team of researchers from France and Canada suggest that the Law that governs the universe, governs Human Consciousness. The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Concept of Entropy).
Impact of Microbes in Humans Mental Health
A research done suggested, that microbes in our intestine have an impact on our mental health. Earlier research on people with Autism, Depression and Anxiety showcased a link to the microbes in their intestine.
Researchers from University Washington were are able to achieve direct brain to brain communication between two humans. They transmitted brain signals through the Internet between two Human, who were a mile apart. They used brain signals to control the hand motion of another person in a split second.
Alter Emotional Character of Memories
A Noble Prize winner Researcher Susumu Tonegawa, successfully tested and altered the emotions attached to fearful memory to a positive memory in the brain of mice. This will have a great scope of use in Psychotherapy for, people dealing with traumatic experiences.
This all studies and what knowledge we have about our brain is like understanding a movie by watching a pixel on a TV screen as Suggested by Rafael Yuste – Neuroscientist. Still, the majority of the functioning of our brain is not understood.
I have been fascinated by a lot of functions of our brain, like Dream & Deja Vu. Both functions are very mysterious and yet very commonly experienced. We do not know why we have to sleep and what leads to The Dreams in our unconscious state. This has been studied and presented in detail by Carl Hung and Sigmund Freud and many other contemporary researchers. The more you study the more you find mysteries, its just fascinating stream of Science.
When we are experiencing dreams, we often see a lot of places and people who we have seen or have not seen in our conscious state, somehow just pop into the state of unconsciousness. Why this happens? Recent studies show this as a brain function of dumping the unused memories from conscious mind to unconscious, which will help us in clearing up the conscious mind to function better.
Deja Vu, on the other hand, is also a weird phenomenon, we feel as if all events that are unfoldingĀ  have already taken place and we are experiencing them again. How this can be possible? How can we have exact data in our brain of events taking place in the present? This is too compelling, This suggest that we may have already have experienced this time and events. This may be a crazy idea, but to me, it seems very much possible.
If we see our prime function of the brain, is to keep us alive at all cost. If we look around there is a lot of uncertainty and things around us which may kill us, yet we wake up each morning. Our brain is constantly stitching the fabric of reality which it experiences through our sense. Which we know is not complete reality. The question why we need to sleep, or why we have evolved in a way we need to fix up all damages while we are asleep and not while we are awake. The reason may be, in our conscious state our mind experiences time in a different way than in unconscious state. Our Consciousness requires experiencing each state at a time and downloads the data in our memory to get any meaning out of it. While in a state of unconscious our mind is not bound by any boundaries and is in low entropy, in this state it can travel through events of life, very quickly without any need of getting any meaning out it, which is the function of the Conscious state. The only thing in this unconscious state our mind captures are the event itself as if collecting all the data and possible threats. This data may be the result of other phenomenon of our mind, like gut feeling or 6th sense, this may be calls of unconscious mind to take necessary actions and to alert us and safeguard us.

So we can say , when we experience dreams, events are going in front of us very quickly, most of the time they are very confusing and seems have no meaning. We see events and people and conversations which we never remember we had. What we are seeing in our dreams, is very well possibly is that, while our is mind traveling in time in our sleep, it goes through events and collects data of each step which may lead to a situation, which may be harmful to us in our conscious state. Our conscious state follows this steps suggested by this function, which has already experienced this event in our unconscious state. When we see dreams, our conscious state is active, not fully thus we see all these events meaningless. This may be happening every single time we sleep that our mind travels through events of next day and makes a list of suggestion for our conscious states to follow which will ensure our survival. We only notice this in a form of Dream, when our we are conscious in our sleep. People who experience dreams more, might have their conscious state active frequently during sleep than others who experience less dreams.

This may be the craziest idea you may have read. But with recent advances in theories of Physics, we know, all the time and space is out there and we are travelling through this existing spacetime. So it may be right to think, that all the events of a life of a person are existing out there, we are just travelling and experiencing each event in our conscious state.

Write in your comments what you feel.

4 thoughts on “Is Our Mind A Time Traveller ?

  1. Damn, that was very enlightening. Had a bit of dejavu. Sometimes, I have dreams of conversations with deceased relatives particularly my mother, and will have completed conversations but when wake up in class today remember the exact conversation. The only thing I remember is always her where have ever you been and she’ll always in the hospital. That’s crazy. Anyway, love the article.


    1. Hey ! I am glad you liked it. Dream are complex thing to understand as all the process happening are in absence of full consciousness, thus we partly remember and it’s difficult to recall and make sense out of what we see. I believe Dreams can go both ways a glimpse of future and a glimpse of past. It also sometimes brings out some desires which are suppressed or are not fulfilled our mind tries to compensate.


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