Your Brain Has All Future Events Information. You can test this !

That is a bold statement, isn’t it? How can my brain have all events information that is about to happen? If you have such a thought I would not take it as an offence to my opinion. We have always taken our brain as a machine to store information and emotions and do all the reasoning for making decisions. But we have never thought it is a massive data centre which has all the information of life present in it, through our consciousness we are releasing and unfolding each event. Just like when we are loading a Game on our Play Station or PC, the entire events of a game are present in the CD, with all the possibilities and outcomes. We get to know each event only when we unfold each stage by going through them. If this Game CD had consciousness and would ask question to its subconscious like “What is the outcome of a particular stage?”, then what will happen? It should get at least a list of few possible outcomes. As it has all the data required.
Similarly, if we ask right questions to our subconscious, we need not worry about uncertainties. We need to trust the voice of our subconscious. This is the same part of the brain which keeps us breathing, keeps our hearts pumping, fight all diseases (by analysing alien organisms in our blood and body, which must be based on insane computing). Our brain has all our memories and emotions stored, it is in the best position to give us right answer for any question. The subconscious feedbacks are moreover indicative, it will not share the entire process which led to any outcomes, so when we ask questions we need to ensure we ask about outcomes rather than “How” part of the question. As it stores the highlights of outcomes and major high emotional states of any experience out the other millions of memories. This saves time by letting us access directly the outcome. When we think of any trip we had in past, we always remember the best parts, not the entire trip or even if we think of the best time we had in any relationship we are always reminded of the specific moments which may be good or bad, thus summarising the entire experience.

Similarly, if we can ask specific questions, about the future event we will get specific answers, this will be a simple one-liner or even direct numbers or names, depending on our questions. We need to trust our brain, and we need to unbiasedly just note the very first response that we get. We need not give it any reasoning while asking the question or even after we get a response. This is at the core of this test. This process has to be mechanical, with no filtration process attached in our mind, before or after question. At first, this may be difficult to trust and may seem stupid. Trust me it is not.

So what kind of question should we ask? To my amazement, I enjoy asking questions about Time, like, when on weekend I start my journey to my hometown, I ask “What time I will reach home?” I get response “8:00 PM”, depending on my departure time. This is so accurate, some may also state this as Assumption or Prediction ability of the brain which it develops when it does a task again and again, but it has to process the possibilities of traffic and other hurdles as well which are more than just predictions. I get this right every time, even when I am travelling to a place, where I may not have visited before. You may also ask question-related to any outcome of Sports Event, Reality Show, Arrival of Train or Flight, About Relationship,  etc. Your question must be framed to give you specific answers. I would not recommend questions about any financial out comes or any relationship questions is because, our brain will have lot of trigger which are not in our control, as for most important task our brain is to make our life comfortable and to reproduce, so it will have bias from very instant we ask questions, it will start reasoning and give the best possible safe answer or even no answer. Which will violate prerequisite for this test. Our mind has to be free from any bias and reasoning

Sample Questions

  1. Who will win this Reality Show?
  2. When will my train reach my Destination?
  3. When will my Flight Reach to my Destination?
  4. How may goals will Real Madrid will score in the match ?

Write down in comments below what answers you got right. This is very powerful if you can get good at this, this will be helpful in daily life.




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